ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest History at UCT

UCT won the Southern African regional contest of the ICPC from 2002 to 2009, and again from 2011 to 2015. Over the years we have attended the World Finals all over the world and won the Africa and Middle East Championship every year from 2003 to 2008. We have just missed the medal positions on two occasions with one 13th place in the world (top 12 get medals). Check the history of the World Finals below for a year-by-year breakdown.

Phuket, Thailand 2016

The UCT team "Amazingly Complicated Macros", composed of Ashraf Moola, Robert Spencer, and Robin Visser, won the 2015 Southern African Regionals and competed in the World Finals in 2016 in Phuket, Thailand, with UCT coach Maria Keet. They solved two problems. An additional interesting note is that former UCT contestant and former UCT coach Bruce Merry (see below) was one of the judges at the World Finals 2016.

The 2016 team

Marrakech, Morocco 2015

The UCT team "I Can't Pronounce Catachtonic", composed of Yaseen Hamdulay, Robert Spencer, and Sean Wentzel, won the 2014 Southern African Regionals and competed in the World Finals in 2015 in Marrakech, Morocco, with UCT coach Maria Keet. They solved 4 problems, earning a good position of 83 out of 128 teams.

The 2015 team

Ekaterinburg, Russia 2014

In 2014 the "If Cats Programmed Computers" team, composed of Kieren Davies, Yaseen Hamdulay, and Sean Wentzel, had won the regionals and attended the world finals in Ekaterinburg, again with coach Bruce Merry, and on-site coach Maria Keet.

The 2014 team

St. Petersburg, Russia 2013

In 2013 the Insane Coders Pestering Computers retained their title as the regional champions and attended the world finals in St. Petersburg, again with coach Bruce Merry. They solved two problems.

The 2013 team

Warsaw, Poland 2012

In 2012 Gwylim Ashley, Graham Manuell and Kosie van der Merwe of team Insane Coders Pestering Computers attended the finals in Poland, with the new UCT coach (and former contestant) Bruce Merry.

The 2012 team

Florida, USA 2011

For the first time in many years, another university (Stellenbosch) took the regional from UCT. The team solved four problems, placed joint 42nd, and brought the Africa and Middle East trophy back to South Africa. The team members (fltr) were: Francois Conradie, Ralf Kistner, and Dirk-B Coetzee, and coach Steve Kroon. Though not from UCT, we include a photo anyway, as at least they kept South Africa on the map of A&ME regional winners in the world finals.

The Stellenbosch team of 2011

Harbin, China 2010

In 2010 Keegan Carruthers-Smith, Max Rabkin and Saadiq Moolla again won the regional, and attended the finals in China with UCT coach James Gain.

The 2010 team

Stockholm, Sweden 2009

In 2009 Keegan Carruthers-Smith, Max Rabkin and Saadiq Moolla of team ʇlnɐɟƃ3s attended the World Finals in Stockholm with coach James Gain. They solved three problems and placed joint 34th.

The 2009 team

Banff, Canada 2008

In 2008 Timothy Stranex, Migael Strydom and Tamara von Glehn returned together with Marco Gallotta as their coach to the World Finals scene, this time competing under the team name of teh_Solverers. They managed to clinch the Africa and Middle East Championship in what was the closest challenge for the title in UCT's ACM history. They did so up in the heart of the Canadian Rockies where they saw the world's largest ice field amongst many other cool things. This was their last attempt -- who will be their successors?

The 2008 team

Tokyo, Japan 2007

A new year, a new team. In 2007 two physicists and a mathematician were the top South African team and hence progressed to the World Finals. Timothy Stranex, Migael Strydom and Tamara von Glehn called themselves the Traveling Salesmen, and competed in Tokyo with coach Marco Gallotta (yes, returning from being a contestant!). They solved an impressive four problems to come in at 26th place, beating some top universities such as CMU, Duke, Harvard and so on. Of course they also retained UCT's title of Africa and Middle East Champions too!

The 2007 team

San Antonio, Texas 2006

After experiencing the Chinese host an impressive World Finals the previous year, the United Coding Team returned to San Antonio for their final attempt. The team was once again Marco Gallotta, Harry Wiggins and Shen Tian, but with new coach James Gain this time. Unfortunately they lost their Parallel Challenge title, but they improved on their ranking in the main event which made up for this. The Texans were very warming and put on a very different, but wonderful World Finals.

The 2006 team

Shanghai, China 2005

Filling the shoes of Bruce and his team is a tough task. No worries, step in the United Coding Team of Marco Gallotta, Harry Wiggins and Shen Tian. Together with Donald Cook returning as coach they started off with a bang by winning the IBM Parallel Challenge (AI soccer tournament). While they didn't match The Teddyborg's performance in the main event, they came away with UCT's third consecutive Africa and Middle East plaque. Wow, China put on an impressive World Finals! The 2005 team

Prague, Czech Republic 2004

In their return to the World Finals, Bruce Merry, Carl Hultquist and Neil Olver as The Teddyborg together with coach Donald Cook were aiming to claim their medal-winning position. However, that was not to be as they just missed out yet again and dropped slightly to 15th place. This was their last attempt as ACM rules limit individuals to two World Finals appearances. They most certainly set things up for a UCT domination!

The 2004 team

Hollywood, California 2003

As the first team to represent UCT at the World Finals, The Teddyborg had a lot on their shoulders. They most certainly did not dissapoint as they just missed the medals by a single place, coming in at 13th in the world! The team consisted of Bruce Merry, Carl Hultquist and Neil Olver with coach Donald Cook.

The 2003 team